What is the full form of FIR? 

FIR Means First Information Report

What is written in FIR?

FIR has the Following Contents which are Written in the First information Report such Contents are,

Contents of FIR 

  • Name of Police Station
  • FIR no
  • Time of Incident
  • Time of Information
  • Summary of Incident
  • Name of Informant
  • Suspected Offender
  • Mentioned an Investigating Officer.
what are the contents of fir?

What are the Contents of FIR?

1. Name of Police Station

The Name of the police station is mentioned at the top of the First Investigation Report with the area name also.

2. FIR No

Every Fir is Given a Specific Number that is specifically related to only that Case only.

3.  Time of Incident

The informant should tell the Exact time the Incident happens and should be mentioned in the First Investigation Report.

4. Time of Information

FIR must mention the time when the informant submit the information report and given the information related to the incident.

5. Summary of Incident

The informant should tell the summary of the Incident to the concerned authority that what actually happened.

 6. Name of Informant

The name of the informant who records the information about the incident should be mentioned in the First Information Report.

7. Suspected Offender

The name and information about the suspected offenders should be mentioned in the FIR.

 8. Name of Investigating Officer

The name of the investigating officer should be mentioned in the FIR report.

 Who can Lodge FIR?

  • (FIR) First Information Report can be lodged by any person who is personally affected or not can lodge the Fir.
  • Any person whether he is interested or not can lodge the FIR.
  • Any Minor person can also Report the FIR.   (Restriction on Minors).
  • Any Public Person ( Whether he or she is Interested or Not).

What do you mean by lodge an FIR?

Lodge an (FIR) First Information Report means submit the First Information Report to the law enforcing agencies.

When we Lodge an FIR?

 First Information Report (FIR) can be lodged or submitted when any cognizable offences or any serious offence happens only. Such as Murder, Rape, Terrorism,  Corruption etc.