What does FIR Stand for?

FIR Stands for First Information Report

What is FIR?  First Information Report

(FIR) means First Information Report and this is the initial step when you are a witness or see some offence happened & after submitting this report Law enforcement agencies start investigation against the offender.

 FIR Means What?

(Fir) means the First Information Report on the basis of this information report investigation process is started. 

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FIR- First information report

 What is the Main Objective of FIR?

The Main Objective of the First Information Report is ''To set the Machinery of law into Motion'' it doesn't mean that this report is like any kind of Evidence this is just an Information report which you provided to the concerned authorities of law and after that, the investigation period starts according to this report.

This investigation report doesn't claim that the person against whom the report is Lodge is Guilty until the claim of this report is not proved with complete investigating by law authorities.

FIR is Lodge on Which Offences?

First Information Report (FIR) is always lodged on Cognizable offences. Police can only Accept FIR only on Cognizable offences and there is No Fir on Non-Cognizable Offences.

 What are Cognizable Offences?

The cognizable offence is the kind of offence which are Serious in Nature such as ''Murder, Rape, Theft, Robbery'' these offences are called Cognizable Offences. And in Some offences, the Police has the authority to arrest the Suspect without a Warrant in Cognizable offences.

What are Non-Cognizable Offences?

Non Cognizable Offences Mean the offences which are not serious matters such as ''Weights and Measures in small shops'' and These small offences are Not Cognizable Offences. There is no FIR that can be submitted for these offences.

What is Lodge means in FIR?

The lodge is a term that is only used while submitting FIR for any Cognizable offence. ''Lodge means the Submitting of the First information report to concerned authorities against any serious offence is called Lodge an FIR''.

 Is FIR can be Used as Evidence?

FIR Means First information report and this Report cannot be used as evidence in the Court of Law.