What does CBC Stand for? 

CBC Stand for Complete Blood Count.

What is CBC?

CBC Means ''Complete Blood Count'' basically it is a process where Blood is collected by inserting a nail into the veins of humans and that collected blood is sent to the laboratories where there are many types of testing on that blood. The main Purpose of CBC is to collect the blood and count the ''Blood Cells'' in Human Bodies. 

cbc- complete blood count

This Counting is on the basis of Types Of Cells such as ''White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, and Platelets''. After counting we can get the results. if the amount of these cells are Normal then the result is and if the number of cells is Greater than or Lower than the Normal Range. It can be harmful to humans.

So it is essential that everyone have their blood cells in the normal range.

What is the Normal Range for CBC?

Blood Cells                                  Normal Range

(RBC) Red Blood Cells                    4.32      to    5.72 Trillion / Liter

 (WBC) White Blood Cells               3.5         to    10.5

Hemoglobin                                     13           to    17 g / Liter

what is cbc? complete blood count