What do you mean by FIR?

FIR Means First Information Report

What are the Essentials of FIR (Under Sec 154)?

  • First Information Report
  • Relates to every information with respect to Cognizable Offences.
  • FIR can be Oral or Written
  • Read Before Informant
  • Signature of Informant
  • Records are Maintained in Prescribed Book
  • Public Document
  • No Evidentiary Value
What does fir means?

What does CRPC Stand for?

(CRPC) means criminal Proceeding Court

1. First Information Report

It is the First Information Report and this is the initial step of the investigation if you see any kind of serious offence or you have information related to Cognizable offences like murder, rape etc. you can submit this report to the enforcement authorities and on the basis of this report investigation will proceed. 

2. Relates to every information with respect to Cognizable Offences.

If you want to Lodge an FIR then all the information must be related to only Cognizable or serious offences. Information related to Non-Cognizable Offences is Irrelevant to file an (FIR).

3. FIR can be Oral or Written

First Information Report (FIR) can be submitted in written form or it may be in Written form. it is up to you that you can write an FIR and submitted to the law enforcement agency or you can Visit there and say orally what was the incidence.

4. Reduce into Writing

If you submit the FIR in oral form to the concerned authorities then it must be written by the Police in written form.

5. Read before Informant

Informant is the person who is Going to Submit an FIR if the police write a Fir in the Written form then the FIR Must be read before the Informant once.

6. Signature of Informant

After completion of an FIR in written form, the police Should take the Signature of the informant on the FIR report.

7. Records are Maintained in Prescribed Book

Police have a Specific book where they submit the details of the offences on a regular book. They maintained the records in that prescribed book.

8. A Public  Document

The first information report is a Public Document  So anyone can see this document with the permission of the relevant In charge of that Document. it is not a private Document.

9. No Evidentiary Value

FIR has No Evidentiary Value in the eye of Law. it is not used as evidence in a trial and it is just an information Report.