What does PEP stand for? 

PEP stands for Politically Exposed Persons. 

What Is the Meaning of PEP?  

Stands for a politically exposed person as a short form it's known as PEP. A pep is a high-risk person because there influence the public and a client where have many opportunities to gain or earn assets through illegal activities like money laundering and bribe as well. 

A politically Exposed Person is defined by the financial action task force as an individual who is or has been entrusted with a prominent public function. 
PEP-PEP stands for Politically Exposed Persons.

Who can be PEP?

  • FOllowing bodies can be pep which is as under below. 
  • Government official's executive bodies can be a pep. 
  • judiciary bodies are also can be pep.
  • Senior political parties
  • Close family members which are close to a pep.

How many types of PEP?

There are four types of risk in pep which are mentioned below.
  • PEP High risk
  • PEP Medium-High risk
  • PEP medium risk
  • PEP Low risk

PEP High risk:

  • Prominent Member of the parliament
  • Senior or head of the military
  • A person Related to law enforcement
  • Head of the Government
  • Senators

PEP Medium-High risk: 

  • A senior officer of the military
  • Civil service officer he or she should be high ranked
  • Commissioners also are on the list of medium risk
  • Senior position individuals

PEP medium risk:

  • Board of directors
  • Belong to senior Management
  • Banks

PEP Low risk:

  • District level Assembly members 
  • International bodies
  • Mayors and members of local state.