What does GNP stand for?  

GNP stands for Gross National Product.

what Does GNI stand for?

GNI stands for Gross national income. 

GNP And  GNI? 

Gross national products are basically our national products which are produced by our nations .either inside the domestic country or from abroad. Same as GDP the gross national product is also a value of final goods and services which we find multiply by price. In this we minus the income which is generated from abroad this is known as net factor abroad.

For example, our factor work in abroad and also their factor work her. This means that our income went there and there come to us. here is the formula to understand well about GNP.

GNP=GDP plus net income factor from abroad.

GNP Gross National Product or (GNI) Gross Nation income is outlined because the cash price of ultimate product and services made in an exceedingly country throughout a selected amount of your time, in and outdoors the state is named gross national product.

How to calculate GNP?

Gross National Product (GNP) is calculated by the subsequent Formula

GDP - Earnings of Foreigners operating in an exceedingly Country + Incomes of Countrymen operating abroad.
GNP-GNP stands for Gross National Product.

What is NNP Stand for?

Stands for Net National Product.

NNP stands for,  net national product, we know the exact amount of the product and depreciation also include on that, for example, I buy a new car on 2 lac and depreciation amount is 20 thousand.

The formula of NNP: NNP= GNP- Depreciation

How to calculate internet National Product (NNP)?

Net National Product is calculated by Gross National product -Depreciation Formula.
NNP-Stands for Net National Product.

What is NI? 

Stands for national income.

The total amount of money earned within a country during a fiscal year is known as national income The goods, services, and worth of products are also called national income. Basically, net income is equal to gross domestic product plus net factor income from abroad.
NI-Stands for national income.

What is The formula of national income?

Ni=NNP-Direct Business taxes plus subsidies.