what does DC Stand for?        

DC Stands for Deputy Commissioner. 

Who Is Deputy Commissioner (DC)

Deputy Commissioner also known as the Deputy collector is a heard of the administration also known as a revenue officer of a district level. Deputy Commissioner is appointed at the district level and he or she is responsible for the overall district level and he or she perform our duty by law.

Deputy Commissioner is appointed for the district or decision to work and perform their duties. He or she has very concerned about analyzing and finding the issues of the target areas and getting resolved the issues. Are responsible to take care of and help people to give their basic rights bylaws. 
DC-DC Stands for Deputy Commissioner.

  DC Key Roles?

The Role and responsibilities of the Deputy Commissioner are so many and here ill elaborate and discuss all the roles and responsibilities of DC.

Deputy Commissioner working and coordinating for all the offices within the district and the DC guide and to communicate the government offices to do work as per policies as they set according to the law of the government.

Role and responsibilities of Deputy Commissioner.
  • To communicate with the people of the district and know about the issues they are facing and give them relief from the problem which they have.
  • Take care of the peace in the areas where he or she is appointed.
  • To utilize the law and order.
  • The most significant responsibilities are to the supervision of the government and private areas they follow the law and procedure or not.
  • To convey the right message to the people about the law and procedure of the government, if they convey the right message to the people about law and procedure then people will aware of the policies then things will be better accordingly.
  • Take care of traffic issues. Deputy Commissioner has the authority to command and give instruction to the concerned authority to take action and implement the laws of the site and work on it according to law and procedure.
  • Deputy Commissioner is also responsible for the collection of Revenue.
  • Deputy Commissioner has the authority to implement the law within the are
  • Responsible to listen to the issues of the district and getting them resolved.
Following are the role and responsibilities of any Deputy Commissioner in any sector. he or she perform our duties and focus on the above-mentioned points. and work for the district and try to get resolve the issues from the area. And also an Assistant commissioner (AC) appointed for tehsil level to work and look after the things.

Who Appoint Deputy Commissioner?    

The government appointed the Deputy Commissioner for each decision / District of the areas. There are many districts and Tehsil all over the ever country, So Government decides to appoint DC for every district and AC for every tehsil.

Also, Assistant Commissioner is appointed for each tehsil. One assistant Commissioner shall be appointed for one Tehsil.

Deputy Commissioner salary?     

As we talk about the salary of the civil services, they have high power but salary are mot enough according to power, authority. They perform strict and tough duties all the time.