what is Ac Stands for? 

AC stands for Assistant Commissioner. 

Who is AC?

Assistant Commissioner is appointed for a Tehsil level and performs our duty at the tehsil level. They perform the duties according to the law and procedure. Assistant Commissioner has the authority to maintain record revenue. 

Responsibilities of Assistant Commissioner AC?

The responsibilities of the Assistant Commissioner are following.

  • Inspection of the petrol pump, to check the measurement of the petrol they provide to the people by scale or not.
  • AC has power to assrest.
  • Has authority to fine in any case which is not enforceable by law.
  • Warrant.
  • Checking the price of the market which are fair or not, For example In general Stores, hotels and Medical stores and so on. If anyone does not follow the rules and prices of the government then he /she has the power to seal the area and artist the person.
  • Take action on the removal of encroachment.
  • AC-AC stands for Assistant Commissioner.

How to become  Assistance Cossessioner AC?

Assistant Commissioner is appointed by the government in every country and they are the high and powerful authority individuals. For  Assistant commissioner AC  either Deputy commissioner DC, you have to study hard and prepare for the exams for that.

The three options are,
  • CSS exams 
  • PMS exams 
  • FPSC 
To become an Assistant Commissioner you have three ways to become a Deputy commissioner DC or Assistant commissioner AC. The options for becoming and achieving the powers are as follows.

CSS Exam:

You have to appear and pass the CSS exam. The CSS exam there has 12 papers and after passing the paper you are called for an interview. Then you will be appointed for the target position. The following options are the fair and merit-based exams in Pakistan and qualified individuals pass the exams and become the powerful authority.

PMS Exam:

 PMS stands for Provincial management service which is a competitive exam there also has 12 twelve papers. you can also appear in the Provincial management service exams for becoming a powerful authority. 

After passing the written exam same procedure is over here like the CSS exam after qualifying the written they will call for the interview and then they have to take the final interview for selection purposes.

FPSC Exam:

And the third option is FPC which is conducted by the federal government of Pakistan. FPSc announced many positions named Naib tehsildar PBS 16. He. You have a chance to pass the test. The applied candidate is less than CSS or PMS exams here and also exams are pretty easy the other two options.