what does LED Stand for?

Stands for Light Emitting Diode.

What Is LED?

Stands for Light Emitting Diode convert electrical energy into light energy LED is different from the simple diode.LED is a heavy diode and it has two terminals Positive and negative as well. Double aero represents the light emmit, there have two main things one has an anode, and the other is Cathode.

LED is more efficient than light bulbs because it has a bright light with a low-cost product to use in the house. It has a lot of benefits like save energy. Nowadays maximum of the majority use of LEDs and avoid bulbs.
LED-Stands for Light Emitting Diode.

LED & How do they work?

In LED there has N and Ptype material found here N-type is connected with the negative side of the battery and the other one P-type is connected with the positive side of the battery.

Als attached with forwarding vice just because of these electrons and holes are came into the junctions and recombined through this light are emitted

Importance Of LED?

LED is important because there is the LED we are using and that is efficient LED products to save money on your bills
  • Gulo LED
  • LED Capsule
  • LED Lighting AREAS?
  • Bathroom light
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Indoor Lighting

Benefit Of LED Bulbs?

The benefits of LED bulbs are a lot of there are some benefits I have mentioned below. if we will use LED lights then we can save our money too because it has less energy.
  • Less energy consuming more than 80- 90%
  • Lifespan -Run for almost 10000 hours
  • Do not emit toxic Gases bills 
  • Use an LED bulb and save Earth.