What is CRM Stand for? 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship management.  

What IS CRM? what Does CRM Do?

Customer Relationship Management is the system we are using to manage relationships with our customers also known as Customer Relation Management. CRM means managing the relations of your existing and potential customers. You need to take care of their interest. You will have to organize the data to take care of their interest. 

CRM is a software program That allows you to make the tracking,, Communications, and reporting of your customers and your prospective customers.

The software tracks and interacts with current and future customers the system which allows the business to manage the relationship with the customers as well.  
CRM-CRM stands for Customer Relationship management.

Many of the organizations keep their data in excel like


Email Adress

First name

Last Name

To follow up with their clients but it's no systematic way to maintain their data because there have too many chances to do mistakes as well.

Importance OF CRM?

CRM helps businesses to recognize respect, value, and work to improve the customer relationship in the business. If you will know better about your customer the more responsive you can be to their needs.

Firstly you need to focus on the buying power and buying behavior of your customer. And also focus on the attitude of your customer also understand the emotions of the customers. To understand all these things we can generate a good relationship with our customers.

Through CRM we can market our different products in a different ways if you have old data from your customer, you will able to know that who is your buying customer and who is your suspect customer. 

Those who can be your customer in the future. If the data is available through CRM then it will be really easy to do market.