What Does PDM stand for?

Stands for Pakistan Democratic Movement. 

What IS PDM?  

Pakistan Democratic Movement was formed in September By the leader of the Jamiat Ulema- e- Islam by constituted of 11 political parties, representing virtually the country s entire political spectrum.

 PDM is a union of all political parties here in Pakistan against the Imran Khan Government which is lead by Maulana Fazal ul Rehman, Two other parties Pakistan Muslim League (N), and the Pakistan Peoples Party. 
PDM-Stands for Pakistan Democratic Movement.

What Actually PDM does? 

This is an important development in itself the main objective to make PDM is so far they held 3 massive political rallies, In Pakistani Punjabi Gujranawala on Oct 18 and two days after in Karachi, and Also in Quetta as well.

The main Objective of PDM?

The main objective is Pakistan has politically isolated the current prime Minister Imran khan therefore undermind the credibility of his power military backers.