What Does PAF Stand for?

PDF Stand For Pakistan Air Force 

What is PAF? 

Are the Pakistan armed forces which protect and defense Pakistan with the secondary role of providing air support of Pakistan.
PAF- PDF Stand For Pakistan Air Force

Ranks in Pakistan Air Force?

Ranks in the Pakistan air force are Divided into Three Categories Categories are :
  • Non-Commission Officer / Airman
  • Junior-commission officer (JCO) 
  • Commission officers 

1. Non-Commission Officer / Airman

Non-Commission Officers are appointed for airmen. They are shifted to their basic training in that there is a pre trait technical school in Kohat where they train and recruit about technical training. In technical pieces of training includes Electronics, aeronautics, Logistics, etc.

 For Information Technology (IT) Training these recruits are shifted to Karachi. After completing their training the first rank they got is Aircraft Man (BPS7). 

After Promotion From aircraftman, he gets a position of Leading Aircraft (BPS7) and after that, he is promoted to Senior aircraftman and he gets a (BPS 9). the next rank is Junior technician and his (BPS10). After Passing Further Exams he is promoted to Corporal Technical and his (BPS11)