What Does CGPA Stand for?

Cumulative Grade point Average.

What is CGPA? 

Stands for Cumulative Grade point Average. this is your result. Which are used in universities to measure the ac endemic performance of a student. Basically Cumulative Grade point Average is an alternate percentage. Also, it is an average of grade points which the students obtain and exclude the additional subjects from there.

CGPA is always calculated after the completion of your p0rograme or degree as well. It's actually your result. looks like the semester vice system. Cumulative Grade point Average is your percentage.
CGPA-Cumulative Grade point Average.

How to Calculate CGPA?

There are tips and techniques to calculate the CGPA. To calculate CGPA we  must need 
Semesters, Credit Hours, GPA  to calculate.
First of all, we have to total all the course numbers/ Marks.
Then we will divide the total marks by the total subject. then the answer will be our CGPA.

Importance of CGPA?

Cumulative Grade point Average is really important because if you have got good CGPA then you have a chance to find a good job in the market CGPA matters a lot when you applying for the job, Many of the organizations see you CGPA how much you gain.

Universities have different CGPA grades some universities have the CGPA highest point is 5 and some are 4 you have to gain out of these points.