what is BPS stand for? 

BPS stands for Basic pay Scale. 

What Is BPS?     

Formally known as the Basic pay Scale (BPS) which is mostly used in the pay system in Pakistan. The organizations and institutions follow the BP system in Pakistan and anywhere as well. The BPS scale grading is from 1to 22.    

 The basic pay scale BPS shows the grade of the positions of the employee of the department. in the organization, employees are hired for a position on the basis of the grade or BPS system. Which are most significant in the organizations.

Through the scale, the organization recruits the employee for the organization to work and pays the rewards and salary to the employee or workers s of the organization.   BPS- stands for Basic pay scale

Importance of BPS?

The most important of BPS is the organization pays salaries to the workers of the organization on the basis of scales. if your scale is high then your salary must arise than others. the scale shows your positions as well.

Scale vise us most important in any organization they hire the employee of the organization on the basis of scale, most of the government focuses on that and hire as a scale basis.