What Does FTTA Stand for? 

(FTTA) Stands for Full-Time Teacher allowance.

What is FTTA?

Full-Time Teacher allowance is actually a  rebate or relief which is given to a teacher or Researcher whose teacher or Researcher of a recognized non-profit education or government research institution shall be allowed a reduction of 25% of tax payable. The Institution must be recognized by the higher education Commission or Board of education. 

A full-time teacher means a person is employed only for teacher purposes and does not perform any medical and administrative work like Principals, Headmaster, Director & Chairman, etc.

This is a rebate shall not apply to teachers of the medical professionals who derive income from private medical practice or who receive a share of consideration from patients.

ftta-Stands for full time teacher Allowance

 Calculation Of full-time teacher Allowance (FTTA)

If a person is a full-time teacher from an approved non-profit educational institution then he can claim a rebate of 25% which reduce his tax liability Suppose a person has a tax liability of 390,000 for the year then he can claim the Full-Time Teacher allowance of 25% deduction from the (FBR) Federal board of revenue.


tax liability for the Year is                                   390,000

less, 25% Full-Time Teacher allowance               ( 97500)

tax liability is                                                      = 292500