What does USB stand for?

USB Stands for Universal Serial Bus.

USB-USB Stands for Universal Serial Bus.
What are the Functions of USB?
  •  Data Transfer
  • Connecting Devices
  • Power Supply

Data Transfer: 
The Use of this option Data Transfer is the best and easy to use, if you want to transfer any data from USB to Laptop, Computer, or any device you can easily transfer it. we are familiar with this task.

Connecting Devices:

In this option the connecting devices we can connect many devices simply known as connecting devices, For example, I have a computer and I want to connect any other devices with it, like I can connect so deceives are as under.
  • Printer
  • Mobile 
  • webcam
And many more devices I can connect with it.

Power Supply:

Some devices which are not supported an external power supply so in this condition we user connect the USB through Computer. and provide power supply to devices. like Web cameras In this option, you need cable to connect and sue. For that it's really important you have a driver installed on your computer.

Uses of USB-Universal Serial Bus? 

The Universal serial bus is also known as USB as a short form. There has much importance on USB it's a device that is used to save your data and transfer your data from one place to another.

You can use the USB as a key;

you need to open the browser through PC search Predators it's actually it is a small software 2 or 3 MBs.and you need to install it. Then you have to connect your USB with the computer and write a password there. Then no one can open your PC without login in with a password.

The most important of the USB is that you can keep or carry your data through USB anywhere.

USB as Data Storage: 

You can keep your every data on a USB LIke,
  • Documents
  • Slides
  • Presentations 
  • Reports
  • Office works
  • Excel sheets
  • Photos
  • Movies 
so many things you can save on your USB and use it, whenever you use any sort of data you just need to connect to any Pc and use it. 

USB is a device that you can carry with you easily and keep with you as well. The Official and other data can save on Universal Serial Bus.