What Does PSO Stand For?

PSO Stands for Pakistan State Oil

What Is PSO Pakistan?

Pakistan State Oil is a Pakistani or Nation leading and best oil and Gas Marketing company that is involved in marketing and they actually distribute their products. The product is Petroleum. A Karachi-based Pakistan organization.PSO is a top-level company in the sector.

according to analysis, it's number one in market Cap and sales, The maximum share of the market in the Pakistan state oil, more than 42% share kept PSOand the remaining share are in different companies.

 PSO Products?

As we know that PSO is a big company in Pakistan, Pakistan State Oil company has any of the products the name of the products is as below. The company provides services to other companies in Pakistan.

Motor Gasoline (Mogas)
Furnace oil(FO)
High-speed Diesel (HSD)
Jet Fuel

History Of Pakistan State Oil (PSO)?

The development of petroleum storage operation in 1974 is developed by the Government of Pakistan. in 976 the PSCDC renamed State Oil company limited as a short form (SOCL).

After that, the Government merges both the company POCL into SOCL and the state oil company Limited and launched it as a Pakitan State Oil Company.

In 1999 the Pakistan Oil Company launched a new Logo and start work with a new vision.

Business Channel Of PSO?

Pakistan State Oil is the largest marketing and distributing company in Pakistan it has the largest distribution networks in the country. More than 3500 outlets are made for the customer to retail and many more for other big companies to serve them on the daily basis,

They have more than 260 petrol pumps and outlets in which they serve their customer.

More than 3 thousand employees working for Pakistan State Oil.

Storage capacity OF PSO?

When we talk about the storage capacity of Pakistan state oil possesses the largest storage capacity company in the country The company infrastructure is used from Karachi to Gilgit.

Overall 55% of h capacity of the country.

PSO Services?

PSO Pakistan State Oil provides transportation with our services in three mechanism name are as under, Through these ways, they deliver our products and give the services to their customer in different cities around the country.

By road Through the Wagons, tank, railways, and Pipelines.

Headquarter of PSO?

The headquarters of Pakistan state oil is in Karachi Pakistan.The city of light.

Who is the current CEO of PSO?

The current chief executive officer of Pakistan State oil is Sheikh Imran ul, Haque.