What Does Police Stand For?

Police Stands for Public Officer for Legal Investigation and Criminal Emergencies.

What is the POLICE Word Means?

Police Word Means Polite, Obedient, Loyal, Intelligent, Courageous, Efficient.


 polite means showing himself in manner, speech, and behavior. It is an Adjective and which means ''refined'' or ''elegant.


  Obedient Means to Obey the Instructions Of the Superior Authority and to Comply With the Order or Request of Your Superior Person.


  Someone Who is Loyal is Faithful to you and always true and He Pays his Duties with 


 This means a person has a Large Number of Mental Abilities Such as Clever, Sharp, Brilliant Who Solve Difficult Situations With his intelligence. 


  known as '' the man without fear,, Courageous person faces the odds and dangerous Situations without hesitation


Efficient means perfection, If a person is efficient he can do tasks without wasting precious time and energy is one of the best qualities of an efficient person. efficiency always comes from Practice and hard work which leads to success.

POLICE-Stands for Public Officer for Legal Investigation and Criminal Emergencies

Responsibilities and Duties of POLICE?

There are Four basic Responsibilities and Duties of Police Officers Such as  

  • Enforcing laws 
  • Preventing Crimes 
  • responding to emergencies
  • providing support through Services 


the main Role Of Police officer is to Maintain Law and Order in the World by Protecting Public Rights and their properties. actually, they are the public servants who serve their Duties in Order To Protect the Public From Injustices and Cruelty.


Rank                                                      Abbreviation                                    Bps

Inspector General Of Police                                     IGP                                                 22

Additional Inspector general                                   Add: IG                                           21

Deputy Inspector general/Regional 

Police Officer                                                         DIG/RPO                                            20

Senior Superintendent of Police/

Assistant Inspector general                                    SSP/AIG                                           19