What Does PDF stand for?

PDF Stands for Portable Document Format  

What is PDF?  

Portable Document Format commonly Known as PDF as a short form. The word portable means the document in which you can transfer one place to another simply known as a portable document format. 

which is created by Adobe company in 1993. Portable Document Format is data which are easy to open without software. can be easily open through the browser. The most important is we can share the data easily.

A portable document format is an application used for sending information from one place to another. The most significant advantage is we can easily open the data from any device.

PDF is widely used today its sometimes easy to forget how revolutionary that was at the time but in the past, if you don't have the proper version say of Microsoft publisher that something was created in you couldn't open the publication you couldn't look at it and you can not print it out.
  • Mobile
  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Tablet
through these devices, we can open the Portable Document Format and read it easily and print it as well. That is why it is really famous
PDF-PDF Stands for Portable Document Format

Importance of PDF Format?

Portable Document Format is mostly used for official purposes.
  • Official Document
  • Legal Document
  • Magzine
  • Product details
  • Powerpoint file
  • Image file
We can save this and send it to anyone because this format is really easy to download as well. The Portable Document Format looks too good than other formats as well. mostly use officially. when we always see office documents they keep data in PDF format.

  • We use a Portable Document Format PDF file to electronic Signature.
  • Also, use for submission Online document
  • CV submission for an online job in Portable Document Format.
  • We can keep a password or security in a PDF document file.
  • The PDF document has, layout, and format will never be changed anywhere will remain the same that is the best benefit of PDF.

Types of PDF?

There are types of PDFs but some important and commonly useable are mentioned below.


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PDF as Simple book

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