What Does NADRA Stand For?

NADRA Stands for National Database & Registration Authority

What Does NADRA DO? 

NADRA is responsible for issuing the national identity cards to its country citizens it is also responsible for protecting the internal/private information of citizens of Pakistan and the important information is stored in the government Database and keep secure the national identities of the peoples from theft and transfer from one person to another person.

 It is the main responsibility of the National Database & Registration Authority to take care of the secret information of the citizens of Pakistan. (NADRA) is one of the largest Government database institutions. 

 there are around 11000 people are working in National Database & Registration Authority and about 800 offices in different cities and towns in Pakistan one main thing is (NADRA) has 5 international offices in different countries of the world.
NADRA-Stands for National Database & Registration Authority

History of NADRA?

National Database & Registration Authority is one of the government Institutions which was established on 10 March 2000 this institution is created under the 1973 Constitution with the national database organization. Nadra works as independently to change the old directorate general of registration to a new Computerized system of registration. 

National Database & Registration Authority started a Computerized national identity card (NIC) to protect the nation's Secret Documentation in 2000. Nadra has fully changed the old traditional paper identity cards which are used since the 1973 Constitution to the newly computerized bio-metric cards.

Features of NADRA?

Smart Identity Card

A smart identity card is introduced by NADRA. It is Pakistan's first biometric Smart national identity card  (SNIC) it contains a chip and also provides 36 security features for the citizens. The smart national identity card is also used for online and offline registrations, Identification, voting, Pensions and etc. 

 A 13 digit number is assigned when the new baby born and after the registration of the baby. in the National identity card (CNIC) which is issued by (PNDRA) Pakistanis' National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). 

It is given to every citizen of Pakistan who has the age of 18+ or Older. A national identity card is the Computerized Version of the NIC Card. The main objective of the computerized  National identity card is your identification, Every individual has their own identification.

A computerized  National identity card tells about where are you belong and which county you are a citizen of, every country has its own card which shows its real identity. 

every country has a different card, This is basically a permit which helps you anywhere to go legally. It's a legal document which every Government of their country provides to their citizen.  

The CNIC Card which has issued by NADRA  has the following information regarding the individual such as

Front side

  • Name- Given name, Family name in English & Urdu
  • Fathers Name-Given name, Family Name in English & Urdu (Husband name for married females)
  • Gender- Contain (M) for males and (F) for females 
  • date of Birth- According to the Gregorian Calendar DD/MM/YY
  • Photograph of Card Holder With Name
  • Identity Number- A 13 Digit Unique Number
  • CNIC Card- Issuance date
  • CNIC Card - Expiry Date
  • Card Holders Signature

Back Side

  • Present Address
  • QR Code 
  • Permanent Address
  • Card serial number
  • Card Holders Name 
  • machine-readable data -(NICOP only)