What Does MODEM Stand for?

The modem stands for Modulator and Demodulator

What is a MODEM?

MO, Means Modulator & DEM, means Demodulator and they are commonly known as a modem.it gives functions as a modulator and as a Demodulator also.
Modem-The modem stands for Modulator and Demodulator


modulation means that the conversion of Digital signals into analog signals and send it over telephone lines this process is called Modulation Process. For example, this is digital signal 110112 the modem converts this Digital Signals into Analog Form and sends it over telephone lines to the receiver.


De-Modulation means that the conversion of analog signals into Digitals Signals and this process is called De-Modulation Process. For example Conversion of Analog Signal into 110112.

The modem is a commonly used communication device it sends and receives data on the internet from one computer to another computer through telephone lines it is necessary to have modems by both computers who send and receive data on the internet.
Working Of Modem?

The modem works as a Modulation and Demodulation Computer stores information in the form of a digital signal however the information transmitted over the telephone is an analog signal. The modem receives data in digital form and converts it into analog form this process is known as the modulation process.

the conversion of digital signals into the analog signal is known as Demodulation. it is necessary that the Modem requires telephone lines otherwise modem cannot any function and our computer cannot be connected to the internet. Modems have different speeds normals its speed is 2400bps, 9600bps,56.5kbps.

Types Of Modems?

There are three types of modems in terms of size and Shape such types are

External Modem
Internal Modem
Wireless Modem
External Modem

External Modem

The external modem is connected with the computer with the help of COM 1 or COM 2 Ports
The external power supply is applied to it
it is very easy to set up and portable

Internal Modem

The internal Modem is attached inside the system through expansion slots
it is not portable so cannot move from one pc to another
its setup is difficult and complicated

Wireless Modem

wireless modem transfers the data through the air instead of cable.
they are specially designed to work in the wireless local area network
they are also called radiofrequency network