What Does ICU Stand for?

Stands for the intensive care unit. 

What IS An ICU? 

Basically, it is the intensive care unit otherwise known as (ICU) The main purpose of the intensive care unit is actually all those patients who are serious illnesses come to the ICU. Also known as a critical care unit. 

Where a very critical and serious patient came. The patient who is very serious they are admitted to ICU to monitor the internal diseases through machines.

The staff and nurses are really caring for the patients because the patients of the intensive care unit are in critical condition always, so they need every time care and are with than any time they need anything.
ICU-Stands for the intensive care unit.

Common Reason For Admission in ICU?

There are some common reasons to inter and admit the patient in the intensive care unit, Some are as mentioned below.
  • Respiratory failure
  • trauma
  • Organ Transplant
  • Stroke
  • Infections
The doctors and nurses care for the patient in the intensive care unit 24/7 Because the patients of the ICU are in serious conditions, that why nurses and Doctore care for the patient all the time. And try to deliver the best possible treatment. Always the care tea visits the intensive care unit and check infant the ICU is a very busy place.

The thing to remember?

Such an item is really important to remember if your patients are in the intensive care unit such areas following you have to take care of this.

It's really important to communicate with your Nurse about the patient's update.
  • You need to Get Some Rest.
  • List of Current Medicine
  • can not always be in the room

Uses Of Machine In ICU?

  • Dialysis
  • ventilator
  • Defibrillator


Dialysis is actually used when some patient has failed the kidney, At the situation, they need to admit to the hospital in ICU.


Then uses of a ventilator is actually when patients taking a breath in difficulty, they need a ventilator


This is used in a very sudden condition as if a patient had died and suddenly he or she cardiac arrest then Defibrillator use to shock to the patients

Why ICU is Costly/Expensive?

The Answer Is Yes Because The patients of ICU are always in critical or serious condition, They need care 24/7 every day. And most specifically the patient nee machine, Theone day charges of the machine are too expensive this is why ICU is very costly as others. All the observation of the patients through Machines. A very expensive machine in ICU is for serious patients.

Type of ICU?

There are many types of ICU the types ICU are as mentioned below.
  • M.I.C.U
  • S.I.C.U
  • T.I.C.U
which means the medical Intensive care unit. The patients need care and medical those patients are kept in the medical Intensive care unit.


SICU stands for the Surgical intensive care unit, which means that after surgery the patients are shifted to the SICU for 24 hours. He will stay there until he will not out risk.


Stands for Trauma intensive unit These type of patients are like bike accident, gunpoint or car accident, means suddenly happen to them those who gone trauma are inter in TICU.

These are the types of ICU where different patients with different diagnose are inter in several places for treatment.