What is HTML stands for?

Stands for HyperText Markup Language.

What is HTML? 

HyperText Markup Language, It's a language used for creating web pages and for page view. Basically, this language is used for creating any front page. and also to create many websites. 

For example, anything you search in google or any web page which is shown in front of you is open through this language.

HyperText Markup Language is an old version and programming this is used worldwide. overall programming is introduced in this language.

 And this language is very tough for programmers. it's really hard to use no one can easily understand that language. to understand this course is most important to use and know about this language.\
HStands for HyperText Markup Language.TML-

What is HTML used for?

The language allows people to create new web pages and sue for paragraphs, Heading, and images as well. Use for electronic documents, and making a document to display on web pages.

What is HTML-5?

HyperText Markup Language HTML-5 is a new version of the language that is somehow easy and a non-programmer or normal person can use and understand it easily. Because the coding in HTML-5 is easy to read.

Every webpage that you browse online via the internet is likely to be working in HTML. In ancient times the basic HTML is used to build these websites. But now in the modern era most of the programmers using this instead of using the other one.

Importance of HTML Language:

The way this language is useful and its space in the internet world. Because it contains the market share more than other programming languages.

Scope and uses?

The future is tough because in the market python like languages are popular nowadays. There are so many languages that give a tough time to HTML-5. The scope of this language is wast because users are enough to use which will be more effective in the future.
As we stated already that these languages are going to be simpler and handy for both developers and users. There have more opportunities for developers to fulfill the user's needs. They will take benefits from this and make a career on that. And develop ourselves.