What Does FRP Stand For?

Stands for Factory Reset protection. 

What is FRP?

FRP is basically a privacy feature for mobile devices. It's a security protocol that protects user data, In case of loss of device or, stolen. if someone finds your device He/she never get access to your data due to FRP.

For example, You get a new cell phone and then you make an account on that phone that's simply known as a factory reset protection reset account, eventually, this is your password. In case you need to reset your mobile then you need to enter the same account which you already inter before

FRP-Stands for Factory Reset protection.

How it Work?

Device owners use the login details in order to access Google accounts. Similarly, these details are required to access the Samsung account as well as Apple.

It works like magic to prevent the phone to be open without the phone owner. In the beginning, the factory reset was easy and quite simple. Latter on various updates come and make it more efficient and powerful.

Purpose of FRP?

The main purpose of FRP is to secure the data on your phone. When some try to reset your phone to make it useable. here if the FRP lock is activated, then one can't able to use your phone.

 Changing the ownership is also based on the details that are being used by the device FRP. On the other hand, without Factory, reset protection anyone can easily get access to your phone and the data stored in it. In the end, I must say that the main purpose of the FRP is to secure its users.

How to Remove FRP Lock?

To remove the FRP lock from the device you must require the initially added account. This might be your Google account, your Samsung Account an iCloud account in the case of iPhone devices.

The second way to remove or delete the FRP lock is to bypass the Phone using the software. This will do wipe the data and completely remove it from the device storage.

The only thing that must be noted here is only the original owner of the phone will able to unlock it. Unless or unnecessary a second person will never able to get into it.