What IS ATM Stand for?

stands for Automated teller machine.
What IS ATM?

Automated teller machine (ATM) is basically you and anyone can use it from an ATM machine because this is linked with your bank account, everyone can use and withdrawal the money which is available in your account through Automated teller machine. You can use your ATM from any bank ATM 24/7,

The bank provides the machine to facilitate the customers, there have many facilities in ATM you can deposit and transfer the amount to other accounts.ATM develops the Thumb option to secure. You just need to enter the ATM and dial the pin code to open it, then you can withdraw the cash from there.
ATM- stands for Automated teller machine.

Importance of ATM?

Important to business because they give lots of benefits. ATM There are several important areas mentioned below.
  • Easy to use without any difficulties.
  • there has an advantage, you can pay your utility bill through this machine from home you do not need to go for a payment.  
  • The most significant is you can transfer electronic funds.
  • you can online purchase through ATM.
  • Cash withdrawal.
  • For payment feeses for educational purposes, you can easily check your Account statement/account balance as well.
  • you can transaction your money through atm with the best option is biometric.
  • Easy to use.
  •  convenience/facilitates
  • You can easily apply for a new checkbook request.

Type Of ATM Machines?

There are three types of machines in which areas under below.


This is the type of auto taller machine, which is the old version 


Also a kind of auto teller machine but this 2nd number of wincore


 NCR is the type of auto taller machine which is the latest version often use right now, the machine used at the time of new technology, this is fast in working as well than others.

Type Of ATM CARd? 

Debit card?

A debit card is advanced than an ATM card this card is also linked with your bank where you open your account in your chosen bank. you can use the balance that you have in your account. a debit card has many options to use, you can online shopping through the debit card. Almost all the ATM allows you to withdraw money.

Credit card?

The credit card is so advanced than ATM and Debit cards. This is basically credit, we purchase anything in credit. In credit card, the bank facilitates you you can use the credit on the basis of your balance limit, then you can pay it after the end of the month. 

Does not matter if your account is zero then you can use it as per limit. You can also world wide transactions through credit cards and also international payment as well.