What Does  LLB stand for?

Stands for Bachelor of  Legislative Law.

What is LLB? Scope of LLB

The word LLB is basically it is an undergraduate degree in law. This degree is offered worldwide by different universities interested students are getting enrolled and start the degree of their own interest.

Law is a good field as we know that, the talented individual is needed for that field student can make their best future in this field of law. It has its own value and you can earn enough in this profession as well. Thousand of the students getting admitted in the field of Bachelor of  Legislative Law.

After completing this there have enough opportunities available in the market, along with a law firm you can utilize your degree as another place. The best option I tell you here is.

  • You become a politics 
  • Pakistan Aram is another option you can join
  • Teaching in Law
  • And you can get a government job as well 
These are the options you can join and make your bright future. if your communication skills are well then you have a chance to perform well.
LLB-Stands for Bachelor of  Legislative Law.

Admission & Eligibility criteria For LLB?

 It's basically a Bachelor's degree,  B. An LLB This is a five (5) year degree course and can be done after the intermediate/12th class. It's also a three-year course open for graduates. after completion of the Bachelor of  Legislative Law, we have many career available areas as following below. Such are career option which is available here for you to after doing Bachelor of  Legislative Law (LLB).

In 2014 the admission criteria were changed you should have a bachelor degree like BA, BSC to get enrolled, after graduation it was just 3 years of program but in 2018 the supreme court changes the police, now you can get admission in LLB after completing you intermediate now its 5 year's program.

Many of the students are asking the question like he/she has to complete their BA, M. A or M.Phil and they want to do LLB in 3 years, so the answer is No because the supreme court has changed the policy, anyone who has a bachelor or master degree. he wants to get admission in Bachelor of  Legislative Law the period is 5 years for all.

  • three(3) years Bachelor of  Legislative Law has been removed by the supreme court.
  • No, specific qualification is required any individual can appear from any background of the study.
  • But the ent should have a minimum of 45% marks in intermediate.
  • Every student will have to clear the Law admission test (LAT) to get admission. The test is conducting three times a year, with passing this test you can't be able o get admission to any university.

Another option we have is after completion of Bachelor of  Legislative Law Any individual can practice as an advocate in the court of law, can work in any firm in the following sector.

  • legal advisor
  • Government agency 
  • Banks 
  • Legal departments  
  • Corporate Management 
  • Administrative services 
  • legal services.
These are the options after completing the LLB, you can join and work for the organization legally.