What is IELTS Stands for?

Stands for International English Language Testing System


(IELTS) is Actually international English language testing proficiency for nonnative English speakers. It is basically managed by the British council, Australia, and Cambridge, and more than 300 institutions in the US and many more professional organizations which are conducting the IELTS exam, The IELTS exams are basically to boost up your skills and confidence.

IELTS Focus On?


These all conduct through two test formats one is a journal and the other is academic IELTS Academic for those who wish to for higher education and professional registration. the other is IELTS journal training for those who are looking to migrate to any country, Like Australia, Canada.

Eligibility criteria of IELTS?

The eligibility criteria to appear in IELTS exams are very simple any individual can appear if they have several requirements such as.

Anyone who has there is age is more than 16 years
Also having the Valid Passportany one has this thing can take the test there has no eligible condition required. If you have these you are eligible.

 Syllabus of the IELTS Exam?

for both academics or journals, there are four elements such as.
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
WritingThere is some difference between reading and writing test Listening, Writing, and reading these three elements there has no break for these three, you have to complete without any break.

Speaking test: 

Speaking test on the same day or before and after 7 days of exams. The total number of times for the exam is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Listening part: 

you have 30 minutes to answer too many questions. First, you have to listen to the recorded tap then you have to answer the question ask the speaker. questions can be daily routine and education.


In the speaking portion, the examiner will ask you a question related to you and your, your family, you are hobbies, and your education as well.

Reading part : 

It is about 60 minutes in this there has a long text to read taken from a number of sources and you have to speak on that data from a journal or any side.


At this point here the examiner checks your ability to describe the text and data as well.

IELTS Test Evaluation Process?

This process is basically a scale of 1 to 9, the total number of Band is in IELTS are 9 that's why you will get a good scale, each section has the same criteria means 9 bands you have to get more band. 

this will help you to get admission to a ranked university in any country you desired. the total number of od score is 25.

One most important thing is there have no any pass or fail policy in IELTS exams goog band or marks will

decide to the best university in the world. so try to get a lot of band in IELTS.
The result will be announced within 13 days.

Importance and scope of IELTS?

The most important of the IELTS exam is too much. after completing this exam with the approximate band then you have more chance of getting admission ranking university in the globe. 

ELTS test will Boost up your skills and speaking ability, and also make you confident. If you want to go abroad for your bright career and future then you need to hard work and pass the IELTS exam with good marks. you will succeed in every field of life.