What Does DNA Stands For? 

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid 

What is DNA?

DNA has also Known as Deoxyribonucleic acid its store's genetic Information for Making a Living it is the main source of transferring information from mother and father to the newborn. it is a molecule that is present in the Nucleus.

It looks like a bunch of atoms that are stuck together and for a long spiral ladder-shaped .it is also called a blueprint for a living thing.

 Functions of DNA? 

 DNA has to Perform lots of Functions, one of the main functions of DNA is to tell the amino acids how to line up form themselves to form a perfect protein shaped.

DNA perform many functions some Functions are 

DNA is the main source of transferring Genetic Information from mother and father to the newborn


means DNA makes another DNA it means that when cells are divide from one to many each cell needs DNA there to tackle this Problem DNA replicates itself and makes Copies of DNA like a duplicate of DNA this process is known as replication.


DNA also forms Chromosomes which are present in the nucleus that is made up of Chromatids 


when sexual reproduction is produced male and female gametes are combined together to form a new Born this is called Recombination. 


Transcription is basically when the process of Transferring The DNA to RNA is called Transcription

DNA Fingerprint 

Every Person has a Particular DNA that is different From another person. it is the process of identification that is used in Every Field of life. DNA is unique in every living thing

Types of DNA

there are three types of DNA that are
  • A-DNA
  • B-DNA
  • Z-DNA
DNA-DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid

How does DNA Works?

DNA creates RNA and RNA Creates Protein and proteins go on to form a living thing.


Amino acids are tiny little chemicals inside of our bodies that are very important they are also called building blocks of life they have different kinds of amino acids and have different shapes they are attached with each other to produce large particles of proteins.

 amino acids make proteins and proteins combine with other chemicals to produce living cells and cells make tissues and tissues make organs of a living body and they are all combined together and make living things e.g Humans, animals, and extra.

 One of the important things is if the right protein is formed at the right time and right place then everything will be normal like cells, organs, tissues, and living creatures.