What Does CCTV stand for?

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit Television

What is CCTV?

We use CCTV cameras as an advanced technology that can be used everywhere nowadays. Like hopes, banks, and any organization in the world for monitoring the things and coverage of the places.

 Basically, it can be used to monitor things and security, Banks and companies use it to monitor the specific places to secure and protect organizations, it's really important to use everywhere because through this no one can harm you. 

So I suggest everyone if they really want to secure your organization they must connect the CCTV to protect. Closed-circuit television is also known as CCTV is everywhere nowadays basically it is used of videos cameras
CCTV-CCTV stands for Closed-circuit Television

Type of CCTV camera? 

The following are the types of  Closed-circuit Television areas under below with their functions and uses.

Dome camera

Get their name as per circular dome shape This shape is basically done that's is why called it a dome, it can be used in small territories like Home, small business and offices its features is indoor and outdoor its also used in vandal and also a rotating camera cover enough space surround as well.

Bullet camera 

Also known as bullet distinct cylindrical shape which looks like a bullet shape shell. The quality of this camera is good, it can be used long-distance views can be used indoor and outdoor and also easy for installation and waterproof s well.

Day/night camera 

HAs the ability to capture video in day and night with low light for a completely used IR camera.

PTz pan and zoom camera

Is a special type of camera that can control by a remote location. 

High definition camera
Have a high resolution which can be used in high-risk places such as bank, casinos 

IP CCTV camera

It means internet protocol means this camera runs through the internet this can be identified
through internet protocol. if we need to check the footage then we need NVR, which means the network video recording. we can see the footage through a laptop, Tv, or any device as well.

Analog Camera 

This is basically DVR, meaning digital video recording can change the analog signal into
a digital channel. through this, we are able to see this in monitor the footage can be monitored and we can see this after when it is needed.

Wireless Camera

This is basically a wireless camera so we don't need to wire to connect it, without wire we can
use and monitor the things and can see the footage it can be used through IP, without any wire, e can see any sort of footage.

Importance of CCTV cameras?

The most significant uses of CCTV Camera is to secure and protect the precious things and monitor the footage. If you want to protect and secure the things you need to install CCTV Cameras anywhere they needed.

Uses of CCTV?

Closed-circuit Television Basically sue in Banks, offices, and organizations to monitor the area, through this area can be saved and this actually monitors footage video CCTV recorder will provide you the data regarding the issue. his will help you to resolve the issue because you have evidence