What does the UN stand For?

UN Stands for United Nations.

What is the United Nations (UN)?

The United Nations is an international organization /Institution which is founded in (1945) The total number of countries is 51 which are agreed to maintain and run the united nation and also maintain it in worldwide peace and security as well.

As far as we know about the united nation Look, and protect human rights moreover to maintain the laws all over the Globe.
UN-UN Stands for United Nations.

Importance of the UN?

Here I just tell you about the importance of a united nation, This is eventually an international organization to work for humans and maintain the law and peace in the world. It becomes on 24 October 1945. There have fifty (50) members in the united nation when it starts. And they start the work from 24th October 1945 properly.

What are the names of UN institutions?

These are the most important and popular countries which are connected with Un. The headquarters are in these countries, the following are the country name below.

  • Newyork
  • Geneva
  • Nairobi
  • Viena

Organs of the UN?

The following are the organs of the united nation which are discussing under below step by step.

  • General Assembly
  • Economy and social council:
  • Trust ship council
  • The international court of justices:
  • Un secretariat

General Assembly

Basically, it works to resolve the non-compulsory recommendation to the state. Which are work to get resolve the issues accordingly are responsible to resolve.
Decide To admission new members for assembly.
The general assembly also prepares a budget and make it.
Also elect the members which are non-permanent members and also select the 15 court judge When they select the policy is every country has one vote for them.

Security council

This is most significant which works to cover up the global issues and also responsible for international peace how to maintain peace and work for them.

Economy and social council:

The economy and social council actually regulate the overall economy and social affairs of the country and maintain the corporation which is between states to maintain and arrange them.

Trust ship council:

It's a once of the organization which makes to build the trust administrate and they suspend our operation this organization will be inactivated. The best example the word Palaw which is one of the best-trusted organizations tertiary which inactivates our work from there.

The international court of justices:

The international court of justice is responsible to maintain the overall law of the international. They handle the legal issues and discussion on it to get resolve and dive advice as per policies.
Un secretariat:

Simply knows as the head of the united nation which is select by the general assembly one of the responsible bodies of the organization.

What Are the agencies of the UN?

World bank
World food program

Headquarters of the UN?

The headquarters of the ed Nations is 760 united nation plaza new york city America.
What Are The Official Languages in Un?
The most popular languages which are used in the ed Nation such as,

Current President of the ed Nation (UN)
The current President of the nation is Tijjani Muhammad Bande's general assembly for the 74th session from 2019.