What Does UNICEF stand for?

Stands for United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.

What is UNICEF?

The United Nations children's fun is basically known as (UNICEF) formally known as the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. This is actually a (UN ) United Nations specialized organization, The main purpose to create it is specifically for children's Health, Welfare, and  Educations. Eventually, the organization focuses to improve children's quality of life and help to live without any difficulties as others.

The Organization actually focusses on the Health, Education, and nutrition in that area Actually, they work for it and try to improve the children's education focus on the Health area of the children. and give the guideline to work on that properly and take care of the children

UNICEF-Stands for United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.

Importance/Purpose of UNICEF?

"Everyone has their own human rights, so children's rights are human rights are also a Human" Many of the people are unaware of the children's rights The importance of the united nations international children's emergency fund is just creat to focus on the rights of the children like others. Because they also Human beings and they also have equal rights as others.

United Nations convention the right of the child to look at the children's rights and do focus and work on it, But it starts from the 20th century. Some socialist is plays very active roles to work on it.

Some socialists like EGLANTYNE JEBB Start the campaign on it to work for children, finally the untied nation accept the campaign in 1961. Children's Rights are a "Slogan In search of the definition" and they are decided to set the convention to the children. All the members of the would start to discuss it and the united nation calls it the United Nations Convention on the right of the child.

Name offices of UNICEF?

The following are the name of the countries where their offices are available in some areas below. the following are the country where the office of the United Nations international children emergency funds are available and they are working for the children and mother. And work for humanity.

  • The American countries and the Caribbean office
  • Europe and Central Asia Office     
  • Eastern and Southern  Africa office 
  • East Asia and the Pacific Office 
  • The Middle East and North Africa Office 
  • South Asia  Office 
  • West and Central Africa Office  

What Does UNICEF Do?

The united nation international children emergency fund is the globally largest which provides a number of jobs, as we discuss before UNICEF works for children, Health, education, and nutrition as well, also focuses on quality education and development skills, and also the treatment of women and Kids. 

UNICEF Headquarters?

The Headquarters of the united nation international children emergency fund is in the New York City United States of America 

Who is The CEO of UNICEF?

Henrietta H, fore is the Executive Director of the United Nations international children emergency fund.