What does CNG stand for?

Stands for compressed Natural Gas

What is CNG?

  compressed Natural Gas basically its a fuel that we can use gasoline it for transportation and connect it through the pipeline at home for the purpose of cooking and domestic use, basically it's a basic need for daily life routine.most of the uses of compressed Natural Gases used for transport many of the vehicles run through CNG. Everywhere this is very crucial to fulfill their needs and get benefit from this. 

Without fuel or gas, we can accomplish our works accordingly. like diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and also known as autogas and other gases like PNG which are connected to our home named kitchen through the pipeline. Natural gas and its use are a broad range. Mostly in Pakistan, the compressed Natural Gas have their own availability as a maximum range as well. Balochistan is one of the fourth provinces of Pakistan and this an also the largest province in terms of area and land. The compressed Natural Gas is produced from that province as well.
CNG-Stands for compressed Natural Gas

Uses of CNG 

 compressed Natural Gas is used wide range in those areas Some broadest use areas are as following as under. 
  • Industries
  • Household for general use like cooking
  • transport areas.
these are the areas where compressed Natural Gasa are used broadly. Many of the industries area and houses are using it, in the industrial area they use it for making products through machines and technology.its plays a vital role in those areas.

Benefits of CNG Gas For vehicles?

As we know that and must tell you the most specific benefit of compressed Natural Gas in vehicles and in the house are that it has less noise and the sound pressure level of a CNG engine is low than others you can say that it's about 90 and plus noiseless. 

Name the CNG vehicles?
This is a  list of natural gas vehicles which are used compressed Natural Gas name are as under.
  • Airplanes 
  • Vans 
  • Buses
  • tracks
  • Tankers 
These vehicles are used compressed Natural Gas and give services for the passenger and get benefits accordingly.many of the busses, vanes, trucks, and tankers are used this daily bases as a high range. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of CNG?

There have many advantages in compressed Natural Gas as I will mention here the most significant figures is 
  • It has the lowest Maintenace cost than others other. 
  • Stands for compressed Natural Gas fuel are sealed due to preventing losses from spills

Drawbacks of CNG or disadvantages?

 yes, compressed Natural Gas has an advantage and also has its disadvantages as well, I will tell you the drawbacks of the compressed natural gas, if a tanker with a full of CNG is running on the roads to go to another city for delivery, there has a much risk. In case if you got an accident then there have much chance to burnt.and will be destroyed. have a high risk .and another example is in remote areas mostly used CNG cylinder its a dangerous because they keep it in the room.so these are the drawbacks of the CNG. They Should keep away from the kitchen because it a so dangerous.