What does PNC stand for?

Stands for Pakistan nursing council.

What is (PNC)?

Stands for Pakistan nursing council PNC is a regulatory body under the  Pakistan nursing council the main purpose of Stands for Pakistan nursing council is to register the nurse license and midwifery and other health and medical-related accordingly. their aim is the health care delivery system and provides support for the professional development and focuses on the competence of the nurse who is the study and also monitoring for implementation of national standard.and they work for the nurse to the registered member after getting the PNC. 

The institute which works overall the nurse department in any hospital they worked. they issue the license for permanent after getting some sort of experience. if you got a PNC license your salary will automatically be increased due to this because you will be a member of the PNC. Pakistan nursing council has your overall data. if your PNC is expired you have to submit the required document and you need to renew your PNC accordingly.

Stands for Pakistan nursing council office is located in Islamabad Pakistan so if you want to visit your own it's very easy to go and you can easily get your PNC license as well Go along with your documents and submit your documents.and they will also guide you when you can collect it.

What is the Purpose of PNC?

PNC provides the registration license 
they maintain the standard level of the practice and education 
They play an advisory role in the nurse benefits and also for provincial and government regarding nurses as well.
they are focusing on nursing  service implementation 

Documents Required for Applying PNC?

  • PNC challan which is issued by PNC office you have to fill it out and make a bank challan and submit it bank
  • 2  recent passport size photos with white background and it should be attested on the backside 
  • Attested photocopy of your national identity card (CNIC).
  • all the academic documents should be attested like your degrees, Diploma, Nurse. Midwife, LHv any degree you have.
  • attested copy of your matriculation certificate.
  • And also an attested copy of your domicile. 
These required documents should be attested from any nurse professional only. and attached them with application to Pakistan Nursing Council.

Address, Email, and Contact Number of PNC office Islamabad?

Here I give it to you the very easy way to guide, it's very comfortable to contact and getting information about PNC with your own, I have mentioned the Email, Contact no, and Adress of the Pakistan Nursing Council. Email or Contract it's in your choice what you want to apply for knowing about the PNC information and apply for PNC as well. these are the detail of PNC. 

What is the contact number of( PNC) Islamabad?


 the email address of PNC Islamabad?


Adress os PNC Islamabad?

National Institute of health, park road, Chak Shehzad, Islamabad Pakistan 

Therese is the proper guideline about PNC Islamabad, you can reach out through and also contact to get information about your P