What does ARY stand for?

Stands for Abdul Razzak yaqoob.

What is ARY News?

The slogan of  ARY channel is ''life connected" Ary Digital is very famous and a very big  Pakistani  News channel, it is a Pakistani television network this group of companies is an international-based businessman. Stands for Abdul Razzak Yaqub as a founder of the ARY network. This channel is the very famous and huge channel along a very famous Pakistani drama. ''Mery Pass TUM hO" formally known as the pakistani chalnnel which are launched in UK.in pakistan most of the people like this channel and watch this.The most significantely things  is there has a news channel many of the expert anchors over there and tells about the facts and figures to the public actually they are sprading the a2arenedd of the country.they are presenting talk shows,headline news.the channel acquire the licences to start up broadcasting in pakistan.
They conduct a different chanal for the audience some international channel areas under below.
  • ARY Digital UAE
  • ARY Digital Asia 
  • ARY Digital Uk
  •  ARY Digital USA
These channels are working for broadcasting in different countries and it's a Pakistani product so they work for Pakistan and spreading the news and give awareness and represent Pakistan as well.
ARY-Stands for Abdul Razzak yaqoob.

Some broadcasting areas in different countries are as mentioned below 
  • Pakistan 
  • Canada 
  • Bangladesh 
  • Srilanka 
  • Nepal
  • Afghanistan
There are the countries where have q access to the ARY network and work properly such a huge and big channel it contains a film industry in Pakistan. Many of the famous drams and movies are launched by ARY network.one of the most popular dram Mery pass tum ho is also belongs to the ARY network. and this network tells the truth of the government and private sector which are very precious work done by ARY.and most of the people watch this channel and love just because there have very competent and qualified anchors are there. I personally like this channel for each of them because they show the facts and figures. 

Whare are the ARY Headquarters?

 The headquarters of the ARY channel are in Sindh Karachi Pakistan.
who is the current CEO of ARY news?
Mr. Salman Iqbal is the chief executive officer if AY digital network.

Importance of news Channel?

as far as we know that the only thing which helps us to update from all over the world is a news channel.because its a way to learn about the world and everything which you want to get information and enhance your knowledge in a proper manner. when every we watch the news we learned a minimum one new thing from there such a platform are helps us to update with the world and daily life activities happen around the globe.

What is the Importance of television?

It's really important for people to watch television news every day, and the news lets people be aware of what's happening in our surroundings and society. here I must mention my point of view which I thought news are awful and they spreading the fake and make people fool and do a dramatic scene. But now when I thoughts the moment I realize I was wrong at that time.

 Now I regularly watch the news every day, it's just an amazing platform for you to learn a lot through this and be competence from there because they spreading the knowledge.every day they talk about the world and thinks which happen in your surround but you are unaware about them. 

So If you want to enhance and build you confident compete more and more information you should engage with television and learned a lot and I guarantee you will prefer this to your friend and family too.i just share my personal experience here to get aware of it and watch the news.will tell you how people survive and how they live then you will learn about the aim of life.