What is PCB stand for? 

Stands for Pakistan cricket Board (PCB) 

 PCB History? 

Pakistan Cricket Board as a short form of  (PCB) Is a government body of cricket in Pakistan. The main purpose of the cricket Board of Pakistan is to highlight and explore the game all over the globe. basically, it represents cricket as an international game in the world.

 Basically, Pakistan Cricket arranges the domestic tournament are the national level. The Pakistan Cricket Board is responsible to arrange the tournament and select the players for Pakistan cricket as a merit bass. Overall cricket bodies are individuals under the control.

What are the Responsibilities of PCB?

 PCB is also responsible for coordinating activities o the basis of all the rules and regulations in a may of manners and for the laws accordingly. Pakistan becomes a member of an international cricket council (ICC) the Pakistan team player plays a game within Pakistan and both, abroad and tours as well.
PCB-STANDS FOR Pakistan Cricket board

How to Join the cricket team?

To become a cricketer and international player in Pakistan as a professional player   you need to play first-class cricket the way you have to follow is you need to engage and play with a very famous organization or companies that represent Pakistan  
  • Habib bank of Pakistan 
  • PIA
These are the organization which is very famous and also a departmental team as well if you really want to to become a professional Pakistani team player you need to work hard and join on this with your hard work and talent.

talent meant a lot and most significantly you need more techniques and experience to become a good player. The selection chairman and selector bodies look and find the best talent for Pakistan for the international team.

It's up to you and does practice hard and try to join these departmental to become if you played well they will hire you and then it's up to you how you make your career and play for Pakistan. 

Which are the best Cricket Academies in Karachi Pakistan?

  • PIA Cricket Academy Karachi, Sports complex
  • National  Cricket Academy Karachi, National Stadium
  •  Custom cricket Academy 

Cricket Academies in Lahore?

  • Pak Lion International cricket academy
  • Abdul Qadir cricket academy  

Cricket Academies in Pindi?

  • M.Waseem cricket academy 
  • WICA 
  • Rawal King    
These are the Cricket Academy in Pakistan in different famous cities that are available for those who are interested to join cricket academies to make a career in cricket and want to become an international player on PCB. They have options to join and take training in cricket.

Who is the current  Chairman of PCB 2021? 

The current Of Pakistan Cricket board is Mr. Ramiz Raja

Who is the current head coach of Pakistan?

The current head coach of the Pakistan Cricket Board is Misbah-ul Haq and he is also a chief selector of PCB.  

Who is the current bowling coach of Pakistan?

The current bowling coach of the Pakistan Cricket Board is Waqar Younus.