What Does NTS stand for?

Stands for national testing Services (Pakistan)

What Are NTS?

NTS National testing service is an organization in Pakistan which conduct the various test system in all over Pakistan. National testing services offer a test for Getting admission in different universities and also taking tests for job purposes like FPSc

national testing services are a platform for everyone who announces a new update in relation to education and employment.
national testing service Pakistan

 Type of test?

There are two types of test areas under below

  • NAT
  • GAT

National aptitude test it's for those who want to get admission in graduation and master level, you have to pass the test your university admission will behave of NTS  test. the institution is attached with nts they conduct the test.


The graduate assessment test is for professionals like giving tests for admission in  M.Phil and HEC scholarship.

the test takes the HEC to give the responsibility to national testing services. 

What is the purpose of NTS? 

national testing services is the platform which is very convenient for all the individual each and everyone students and unemployment as well.

For anyone who needs to get information about admission to any university and job updates in any field, this platform is very helpful. and they can easily apply for that and get any sort of information accordingly.