What does CPEC stand for?

CPEC Stands for China Pakistan Economic Corridor. 

What is CEPC?

This is basically the ''China-Pakistan economic corridor'' is a framework of regional connectivity.CPEC is not just a benefit of Pakistan but will have a positive impact on others as well. China Pakistan's economic corridor is a huge project between Pakistan and China Both are agreed to be launched from China to Pakistan. through this project, Pakistan and China will be connected and both will import and export and spread their business in every city and country very easily. 

The estimated Worth of CPEC is $46 billion. they will utilize this budget to develop and make life comfortable.

CPEC-China Pakistan Economic Corridor

What is the vision and mission of CPEC?

  • Mission 
  • Vision 


 The vision of china's Pakistan economic corridor is to improve the lives of the people of Pakistan and China as well as to build and promoting joint connectivity and construction project. Explore the potential investment, Trade logistics, and economic and connect people to people's contact.


The main Vision of China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the global connectivity of the economy and development of the country to make the life comfort of the people and the availability of their products. So the people will accomplish their needs and wants.

What Does CEPC Do?

  • To developed Human resources.
  • Financial Corporation.
  • Tourism and people communications.
  • To develop It system
  • To develop Roads 
  • to develop data communication
  • to develop internet access 
  • to develop rail 
  • And to develop an agriculture system as well.

Importance of CEPC in pakistan?

As far as we know that it's a big project between Pakistan and China, both are the country will take many benefits and will be developed through this, Most specifically the GDP and economic rate will be exceeded and your business will be separated fastly. and also increase your import and exportation. This project works for the development and works for change.

Just because of CPEC our industries are developed and also roads and IT systems will be developed. through this, there have lots of vacancies available for unemployment. our unemployment rate will be decreased. and everyone can earn and make life easy and everyone can accomplish there need and want.