What does AKU stand for?

Stands for Aga Khan University.

What about AKU?

It stands for Aga Khan university His Highness the Aga Khan is a founder and chancellor of the University. Aga khan hospital is founded by the Prince Aga Khan AKU is a development network or agency  1v  in 1983, is the largest and very famous university and hospital in all over Pakistan. no just in Pakistan but also in other countries are as under.IS one of the universities that give the research facility to the students at the undergraduate level.
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania 
  • Uganda 
  • United kingdom
  • Afghanistan 
The Aga Khan university focused on health care and education as well. The aga khan university is very famous for the medical field many of the students love to join AKU but the admission criteria and requirement is very tough. they have an excellent environment and focus on quality education and very qualified doctors are hired for Aga khan university. Most specialist doctors are there for treatment and very qualified teachers for teaching as well.

As far as we know the Aga khan university is not a just university its also a hospital and is one of the big and famous hospitals in Pakistan. The Aga Khan  University hospital, school of nursing, Medical college, and educational development. In hospitals, more than a 2.5million patients treated in many AKU hospitals in different countries. and more than 355 medical centers in East Africa and also in Pakistan.
AKU-Stands for Aga Khan University

Admission Test criteria In MMBS?

Admission to all the programs at the Aga khan university is merit-based, So many of the students apply every year for the different academic programs with their own choice and the basic criteria are, you much need high mars in FSc for eligible, the eligibility criteria are tough and high. Many pf the student apply for admission online and wait for the test call. if you are eligible then you will receive a message form them.

This a medical program after completing you called a doctor as a title.MBBS is a very difficult program as we know that if you want to apply for this program you must have 70n% plus marks in FSc for appearing the test if you have required marks as.it depends on you how you gave a test it depends on your marks and most specifically ho competence you are if you gained many marks then you reached for an interview.call.

As same as BSCN same requirement for that needs maximum marks to appear and qualify procedure are same as MBBS, they will conduct an online paper  MCQs based you have 100 MCQS with different sections for example English, maths, physics, and chemistry as well. Aga khan university hospital is very famous for medical field students are love to a part of the Aga khan university and hospital because its degree has its own value. And they want to make our career through AKUH.

Fees Structure of AKU?

The fees structure of the different program are different, fees structure of Aga khan university are not enough I can say that just because of quality education. fees depend on your program, but there has also a Scholarship facility for the student but it's up to them. Minimum students are qualified for the scholarship you get admission on MBBS the AKu will provide your complete fees till complete your study then you can pay to the aga khan after completion you MBBS, you have to sign a bond of 3 years you have to work for Aku.this is a great opportunity for you to avail.

Mission and Vision of AKU?

Aga Khan University Will be an independent primary serving the developing world and Muslims
 society innovate and the enduring way that's the Vision of AKU.
Aku is committed to the development of human capacity