What Does WWE stand for?

Stands for world wrestling entertainment.

What is WWE?

World wrestling entertainment is an American media and entertainment company or organization.
it's professional wrestling. WWE also has many other fields as well like,
  • Football
  • Movies and so on.
WWE is a professional and famous company in America and there have a lot of people who love it most.
WWE-world wrestling entertainment

History of WWE?

world wrestling entertainment is found in 1952 as the founder of jess McMahons grandfather he runs this till  1980. before 1980the name was world wrestling federation (WWF) but after the name was converted into (WWE) known as world wrestling entertainment in 2002. and after that America is famous for a superstar through Wrestling.its not just wrestling but its also an art of entertainment.

Headquarters of WWE?

Stamford Connecticut United States.

Who is the CEO of WWE?

Vince McMahon is a chief executive officer of World wrestling entertainment.

what is the main objective to make WWE

The logo of WWE is to tell about the Mission of the world wrestling entertainment, it is a famous company the product of WWE is games and smackdown the show is produced is usually every week and many of them never miss to see. There are millions of viewers of the WWE game as well many crowds are friends of the show that's why the rating of this show is on air always.