What Does GB Stand for?

Stands For Gilgit Baltistan.

 What About Gilgit Baltistan ? 

Gilgit Baltistan Formally known as Northern areas is a region of Pakistanis as an administration territory which is the northern portion of the larger Kashmir which is the subject of dispute between India and Pakistan since 194. That border the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also the GB is a part of a great part of Kashmir region    
 Gilgit Baltistan is the six-tie larger of  Azad Kashmir. The independence of Gilgit Baltistan is  1st November 1947.

Gilgit Baltistan is self-independence it is a part of Pakistan but not a Provence, the Pakistan government has rejected  GB  cells for integration with Pakistan on the ground that it would jeopardize the demand of the whole Kashmir issue to be resolved according to UN resolution. 

Gilgit Baltistan is a  land of beauty in Pakistan there are so many cities but Gilgit is of them in each.
not just Pakistan even foreigners are interested to visit Gilgit in summer and every season just because of the beauty and nature of GB.

Gilgit Baltistan is a place of tourism every the past couple of years there is approximately 1 million tourists came to Gilgit to enjoy and spend precious time with their family and loved ones. the places in Gilgit Baltistan is really colorful and attractive the famous 

There is so much to do in Gilgit Baltistan, no matter what time of year you visit, you will find there is never enough time to enjoy all the fun. Spring bursts forth with tree blossom, making it one of the best times to visit, beautiful valleys to visit, hill stations, and lakes in summer, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, swimming, or climbing. 

Autumn brings the falling of leaves from trees and the white of the birches in contrast with the evergreen conifer. In winter you can enjoy snow activities like snowboarding or skiing. For every season in Gilgit Baltistan, there is plenty to see, lots to do, and everything to enjoy. Gilgit is surrounded by dry rugged, snow-capped mountains and sand dunes. The place is famous for trekking and adventurous sports. The nearby Stapara Lake Shangri-La resort is one of the famous attractions for tourists.
GB- stands for Gilgit Baltistan

How many districts are in Gilgit Baltistan?

  •  In 2019 there were 10 districts in GB.
  • Four districts in the Baltistan division 
  • four in Gilgit Division 
  • and two in dimmer division moreover the addition of two in Baltistan valley each district is further divided into tehsil and union council as well.

Current Governor of Gilgit Baltistan?

Raja Jalal Hussain Maqpoon who took over on 30 September 2018

Who is the Chief Minister of GB?

The current chief minister in Gb is Hafiz hafeezur rehman 

Who is the chief justice of GB?

Arshad Hussain Shah.

Hom many members in GB assembly?

there are 33 members in the Gb assembly.

  How many districts are in GB?

there are ten districts in Gilgit Baltistan 

 Name Of districts in Gilgit Baltistan?

  1. Change 
  2. Skardu
  3. Shigre 
  4. Kharmang
  5. Roundu
  6. Ghizer 
  7. Gupis-Yasin
  8. Gilgit 
  9. Hunza
  10. Nagar
  11. Astor 
  12. Diamer 
  13. Darel
  14. Tangier
These are the Total district in Gilgit Baltistan with tehsil and union council. the total district is 10 and four are subdivisions in GB.

 what are the Transport Facilities to Gilgit Baltistan?

Pia -         Pakistan International Airline    
NATCO-    northern area transport corporation    

What are the Famous places in Gilgit Baltistan?
  • Ghizer
  • Yasin Valley
  • Gupis Valley
  • Phander valley 
  • Hunza, Baltit fort
  • Deosai Skardu
  • Khujraab Pass 
  • Babusaar TOP, Naran Kagan 
  • Shangrilla Skardu
  • Rakaposhi
  • Gilgit   

Name Famous Hotels in GB?

  • Gilgit Serena Hotel
  • park Hotel Gilgit 
  • Riverdale hotel Gilgit
  • PTDC hotel Phander
  • Green Place hotel Ghizer
  • Canopy Nexus hotel Gilgit 
  • Paradise Hotel and Restaurant Gilgit
  • These are the famous hotels in Gilgit Baltistan especially for tourists who can visit and taste the food and environment as well.