What does FIFA stand for?

Stands for the Federation Internationale de Football Association.

What is FIFA? 

Federation Internationale de Football Association. is a world franchise of football. It's an international body and works for governs and promote the football association, and also organize the football tournament world level. like football world cup (FIFA) make and women also have a football team Federation Internationale de Football Association was founded on 21 May 1904.

Who is a member of FIFA?

  • France
  •  Belgium
  •  Spain 
  • Switzland 
  • Denmark
  •  Netherland

 These are the member of the Federation Internationale de Football Association.the main reason for these to work for the improvement of the game and work for that.
FIFA-Federation Internationale de Football Association

Federation Internationale de Football Association is a worldwide franchise and an organization to promote and arrange a world level football tournament.there has famous teams and players played between each other and represent our country. Football is a very famous and precious game that's why millions of people around the globe play and love it. approximately 80% of the population also interested to watch football s well. As we know that football is a very famous game in each.according to my point of view personally love football to play and watch as well. Because it's a very interesting and amazing game that's why many of the crowd love to watch. There are 11 players in every team in football;; and cricket as well. 

It can be called a universal game because every country loves to play it  could be big and small. moreover, it's a  good relaxer it helps to release your stress level, it makes you healthy and fit.and also teaches you about discipline and teamwork.and also a benefit for you to teach the most significant point is that it teach you the leadership and unity as well.

What is Important for football?

Football is a very significant game because it keeps the players mentally and physically fit and healthy. the total time of one game is about 90 minutes which is divided into categories half one and half two and 30 minutes each half as well.it teaches you tolerance which is a very important aspect of this game. and this is the plateform where you can utilize your talent and shows you talen to the world. 

What is the FIFA world cup?

Federation Internationale de Football Association is an international game the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) organize a tournament every four  (4) years.thera are many famous teams appear in this tournament and make a representation but Brazil is one of them and a very successful team because they have won the competition may times. there are more than 150 teams are inrolled the tournament as national teams.

Name the top five teams of football?

  • brazil 
  • Germany 
  • Itlay 
  • Argentina  
  • France
  •  England   

Who are the current Presiden of FIFA?

Gianni Infantino is the current president of the Federation Internationale de Football Association.

What about Football in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there has also a national football team that represents Pakistan association football which is authorized by (FIFA) Stands for the Federation Internationale de Football Association has there own home ground. Pakistani teams also represent pas Pakistani teams it has won may match and named in south Asia games. Pakistan also has women football teams.in Pakistan, there has a huge talent in every field rather than football.most of the players belongs to Pakistan but there has one big issue there have no such proper plateform and government support to the players to play and build their career and play as a Pakistani in an international level and take part in FIFA world cup. Nowadays the government is interested and serious to look forward to sports and want o improvement and betterment.