What is Google stand for?

Google stands for global Organization Oriented Group Language Of Earth.

What is Google?

Google is an American company commonly call a Search engine, it's a professionally in internet-related service, also included an online system. Google doest does not have its origin full form, It is the number one worldwide corporation and the only number one ranked corporation all over the world. There has a lot of corporations and a popular search engine site. 

This multinational organization which is a very famous and popular platform. the services and products are related to internet-based. Google traffic is the number one in the world.google has also launched Email and Gmail facilities in the years of 2005 to communicate and interconnected to the world.its very comfort facilities to the people of all around the world.

android and google chrome as well to use and take many benefits from these features as well. Google was founded in 1998. The company rapidly grows day by day, And nowadays google is the most branded in the world. As we know that there are some famous companies which are working online like,
  • Amazon 
  • Microsoft 
  • Apple 
  • Ali Baba 
These are the most popular and valuable companies in the world.all are doing online business and are high rank in the market which are considered as a huge corporation and companies all over the world. 
Google-stands for global Organization Oriented Group Language Of Earth

Importance of Google?

As far as we know that Google is a multinational corporation which is a very famous and interconnects with the internet and a hardware software-based company, which are very beneficial for online Business, students and its really good for everything in the world, Google is a way which is made for you if you understand and know about It you will succeed and grow your organization because in google there has the solution of every problem and situation.

Google is a platform that is the most significant and search engine. You can make your future and career through this platform because it for everyone. the importance of google is infinite all the world use this search engine to develop our business and everything they actually want to do. this is a platform that helps you to boost your business and anything you do.

The best thing is knowledge in this world before this search engine or platform people do hard work through books and take helps with people to gain knowledge and understand the things, so after introducing this life are easy to face any sort of situation within a second. for example are you a student and the university or college git it to you an assignment you have to submit in minimum time you can do without any fear and confusion because you have a google, you just need to  [open it and search the topic on the top search options then it will show you lots of information related to your topic you can easily collect the date and make your assignment or reports within a minutes. there are so may example which tells us about the importance of google for search engine,

Importance of Google from a business perspective?

As we know that we can solve our any sort of issue through a search engine, same as a business also grow our level because in google there have much successful businessman shares their success stories and share the guideline ho to grow your business and how to work it on.you can read and learned more and more through their stories and ideas.it will motivate you to boost your business and bright career as well. not just business anything you want to do any problem you facing in your daily life go and open the search engine just write down your topic and read it ad resolve your issue.

When was Google founded?

Google was founded in September 1998 located in Menlo Park, California United State Of America

 Who is the CEO of Google?

The Chief Executive officer of google is Sundar Pichai is an Indian American business executive.