What does WHO stand for?

Stands for the world health organization.

What is WHO?

Basically, the concept of the World health organization is founded on 28th April 1948.it is the agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health.and the headquarters are located in Geneva Switzerland and approx 150 offices in the world.

The organization and an agency to coordinate international health activities and to help[ governments improve health service.governmen help the organization to provide facilities to improve and treatment well.

Who-World health organization

Importance of the World health organization?

The world health organization is an agency by the government. the main objective of the world health organization s tp discuss health issues and problems related to health. The who has played a leading role in several public health achievements like.

  • Polio
  • vaccine 

World health organization  Focus on?

The basic purpose of WHO work for the health-related issues around the globe there are several issues which world health organization take palace a vital role. some important key point is discussed below such as.

  • Health policy
  • Emergency Work
  • Surgery care 
  • Environmental health
  • communicable diesease 
  • non-communicable diseases 

Basically, the world health organization focus on the key points which are the most significant figures the are facing these points and issues. the world health organization are work for it and sort out the issues. they make policies related to health how to treat and how to find the disease and treatment in a better way.

they work an emergency when any health organization faces any sort of difficulties the world health organization solve it. and give the idea to manage the situation.

Purpose of WHO?

As we know hat world health organization is an agency or organization make by UNO  and the Exactive body of every country. Basically, they are working for health issues everywhere.try to work and resolve the issue related to health.and solve the issues of health around the world.

for example, any country faces difficulties in any epidemic the world health organization find the way how to compete and resolve it. then the organization gives the instruction to the members of every country to follow and utilize it. 

The reason behind this is for health care and get resolved the issues of health. and try to create a good environment for people in all over the world.