What Does SBP stand for?

Stands for state bank of Pakistan.

What is SBP Introduction?

Is the Central Bank of Pakistan as the constitution it's laid down in the state bank of Pakistan in order to 1948 after the Pakistan independence of 1 year. There have not changed till January 1, 1947, when the bank was nationalized.

the headquarter is located in the Karachi Pakistan.and the branches of state in Pakistan are 15 cities in all over Pakistan .the SBP branches are also located in every province also the head office is in Karachi at Sadar side 

before the independence of Pakistan the British government decides p distribute the gold to Pakistan and India accordingly. the British govt give him 70% gold to India and 30 % gold to Pakistan.

Who is the Founder of State Bank Of Pakistan

In May 1948 Muhmmad Ali Jinnah founder of Pakistan took steps to established the state bank of Pakistan  and the SBP commenced run in  1july 1948.
SBP- Sate Bank Of Pakistan

Role of State bank of Pakistan?

State bank is the Largest and pure Government bank of Pakistan, the significant role of a state bank is state bank focus on the development of the economic system.and to regulate the major issues of banknotes and keeping of reserves view to securing monetary stability and generally to operate the currency and credit system of the country.

Only state banks are the bank or institution that only have the authority to make notes, no other banks bank have the authority to make anything.

The State bank of Pakistan work for the country and help other banks give loan to them for development in the country with interest.

All the other commercial banks are following the policies of the state bank of Pakistan.state bnk make the policies and SOPS which the other banks work accordingly.

Who Is the Current Governor of State bank of Pakistan?

The current governor of  State bank os Pakistan is.

  • (Reza Baqir ) since 4 May 2019.

Who can join SBP?

state bank of Pakistan offers yearly vacancies for the students. named the post and OG1 And OG2

 you must have 14 years of degree in any field.than you are eligible for appearing the test.


For OG2 you should have 16 years of education.oif you have not the 16 years of education than you can not apply for OG2.

Scope of State bank of Pakistan?

The scope of the state bank of Pakistan is so wast and everyone has a dream to do the job in the state bank, after pas the test and interview you hired as a 16 GPS officer on the organization. with enough salary package.

For OG1 your started salary will be 40000/- plus and for OG2 you starting basic salary id 80000/-you cant be to imagine and there have un count facilities. anyone who pas the test and interview then your bright future will start from here.

State bank of Pakistan test is so tough I'm sharing my personal experience here. the test pattern is so hard you have prepared very well if you wish to join SBP.

State bank Test pattern?

There are 4 sections in the test are as follow.
  • English synonym and antonym  
  • IQ and current affairs 
  • maths 
  • Analytical reasoning 

In these areas you should be well here I will give you one important suggestion start to read the dawn newspaper before left one month for a test it will help you to prepare well, it can be a synonym, it could be current affairs.

Important tips?

  • there have 100 MCQs in the test each parts carry equal marks. 
  • one thing is most important each section you have to pass if you are pass in 3 sections with good marks and fail in one part than you consider to be disqualified that's why each part is important and compulsory.