What Does SSG Stand for?

Stands for a special service group.

what is SSG introduction?

 The special service group established the two years of Pakistan independence.SG stands for special service group  Commando is the most important and special force of any Army. Commando is the very strongest, well trained, and brave than other forces. commando other name is SSG in Palistan. 

SSG Commando Training In Pakistan?

As we know that training of commando is the hardest and difficult training all over the world. and considered it to be the most dangerous training. The period of training is six months most important thing is your bones should be strong and you also care you Boones during training 

I must mention here not everyone can join SSG because it is tough and dangerous those who join this they face a bundle of difficulties during training. 

every moment is challenging for them.

SSG-special service group

Who can join SSG Pak?

SSG is related to Army doesn't matter you belong to any u it of army you can join a special service group. according to the rules if your service is more than 5 years you can join a special group but nowadays you can apply for this if you have 2 years of service in that you can apply.

How to join Pakistan Commando (SSG)?

The most crucial part and most important part is you can join a special service group with your own choice no one can force you to join it's up to you if you can do this and make a powerful person in that you can join as per condition accordingly.

The officer also cants not force you to join a special service group any person who is interested to join he can join. ut after applying there are some term and conditions which you have to show and complete some requirement areas mentioned below.

  • Fitness Test
  • 40 push up 
  • 40 Sit up

35 or 40 push up within 1or 2 minutes and also complete a sit-up accordingly.

And you have to complete the running task it can be 1 or 2  miles within 6 or 7 minutes the officer will tell you before starting the tests most important listen carefully when he tells you about the terms and conditions.

After passing out from this test then the steps will be your medical test after complete the requirements they will send you the complete training and your training will be started accordingly. nd now your wish to become a commando will start from her.

And as you know day by day your task and training will be tough and you face difficult challenges even they tourcher you punished you too much because they check you how strong you are they need a strong person for SSG.

Para shoot training?

this task is so tough no one can dare to do it but its a part of training for comandos These steps is approximately 2o days.it's so daring steps only a daring person can do this.

the officer let the commandos into a jungle without eating something you will be wondering if you know they survive most of the day without eating anything because there have nothing to eat, hen they fell they are hungry they are finding the things to arrange to eat something even they eat snake and drink urine when there have no water available you can't imagine .and you survive in jungle with 20 kg of weight in you back.it's your weapon and need assets.

if you did a mistake during training or not follow the rules they will give you punished double. some other training is as follows.

  • weapon training 
  • Karate 
  • Swimming task with the on 
after these sort of pieces of training, they are well trained and make possible every impossible thas why people wish to become a commando.


here I want to conclude the overall detail about commando.is a very powerful and have a lot of talent and skills.they have no fear about anything every situation they are handled without any problem, after complete the training they become a Commando. and their unit will be change salary also increase because they are much trained than others, they are much dangerous. able to face every dangerous and critical situation. Some training is in ISSB like this but ISSb training is not harder than SSG.