What Does a Ph.D Stand for?

Stands for the doctor of philosophy.

What is a Ph.D.?

Doctor of philosophy is most commonly called a short form PhD degree is a kind of doctoral degree as well. Which is awarded by the private and public sectors in Pakistan 
Basically, it's the highest degree in education as we know. and a very professional degree all around the world that's wahy call it doctorate.

after completing this degree it's the requirement for employment for lecturer science test and researcher in any field of chosen. It's a very hard degree no one can easily complete you should have more competence and knowledge in every field. most significantly is you should prepare mentally to do it.

Anyone who completes this degree is awarded along with the title of doctor. the name has power.
PHD- Stands for the doctor of philosophy.

Admission Criteria for Phd Degree? 

there are A lot of universities that are offering admission to Ph. D it's only on merit bases. For this degree, you should have an M.phil or Ms degree for getting admission to Ph. D on a relevant subject from any recognized university, with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 along with first division as well. After (MBA) or (BBA) you have to do M.Phil for Ph.D. it's most important 

The minimum period of completing his degree is three years.  

if you want to do a Ph.D. in your career you must do a thesis and publish your own article during the master's. if you have done your thesis and published an article too with 3 or more CGPA then you can do this 

it's up to you which field you want to select for this program but one thing you should decide first and should have a grip on it then you can do that.

plain first before you choose any subject.

and one thing is more important you must be score 60%  in NTS for appearing this degree.

Don't worry if you are not able to pay you do not have any resources to do this I have a solution I love to tell you all who want to do it through a platform.

HEC is one source that supports you to get admission to Ph.D. HEC will help you to complete this so you don't worry about anything.

Best Universities for PhD Degree?

According to my perception, this is not important from where you should do, the actual thing is significant that who is your supervision if your supervisor publishes an article intensively.
That means he or she will supervise you then your Ph.D. research potential will increase. the supervisor produces good research for you then you will touch that level of your this degree.

Research is the most significant thing which decides to increase or Decrease your Ph.D. value.

What is the Scope of Ph.D Degree?

Ph.D. has a good scope in Pakistan and everywhere it's a professional degree. the companies will offer you to join if you are a good researcher with a good stipend for anyone who has completed the Ph.D.

In any field like management, Marketing, and research as well in the market there has a Vast scope for them. after completing this the government will pay 100000 he or she does the job or not.

Its degree fees you can earn without any reason the government will pay you. you can join any organization with a high-level position in your field. this degree has value in Pakistan and everywhere.