What Does ISSB Stand FOr?

 ISSB Stands for inter-services selection board.

ISSB introduction in Pakistan?

ISSB stands for the inter-services selection board.is the organization that selects the
leadership for the defense force of Pakistan.

the commissioned officer who has the power of authority in any defense force of and services in the different filed of Pakistan.

The selection of different defense forces is as under.
  • Pakistan Air force '
  • Pakistan navy
  • Pakistan army

  Who can apply for ISSB?

  • the candidate's Nationality should be Pakistani.
  • their age must be 17 and not more than 23.
those who fulfilled the above-required criteria their qualification should be intermediate with 55% plus marks to appear In this test. these are the requirement that they need to qualify.

What is the procedure of ISSB?

 The procedure is so simple first of all you are to fill in the required criteria you have to fill the online form through the website. and also fill out the Bioform means personal information questionnaire  (PIQ)
issb-STANDS FOR inter service  selection board

How many types Of Tests are in ISSB?

  • Verbal Test

Verbal intelligence test time is about 30 minutes and there have 94 questions. one tip I must give you is that you must manage your time here because time management is most significant on this test. you gave more questions rather than time.so you need to answer every question very quickly. Because you have 10 0r 15 seconds of each question so it's so difficult to manage time.

  • Non-Verbal Test

In the nonverbal test, we have 36 minutes to complete the 96 questions. there have less time and many questions to solve it's so difficult to manage time but you need to focus and answer every question very quickly.

One thing is most important you must attempt all the questions from verbal and nonverbal as well. Question patterns are the same both verbal and nonverbal. both have MCQS questions so you have to select the correct answer from four options.  

Is the ISSB test is Difficult?

Yes ISSB test is really difficult and tough, but it's possible to attempt if you really wish to appear you can apply and do it. But one thing I must tell you all is that you have to prepare well for that.
there have many tests after selection for ISSB. you have to stay there for 4 days. in 4 days is very tough for all candidates where your future will be decided.

So every minute and every moment are challenging for you there so think and do every task properly and quickly.

The last four days will decide your future and eligibility for that if you give your best and do every step properly you are considered to be an ISSB officer.

ISSB Officer Scope?

The scope of ISSB officer is very bright you are selected as a captain for 17 Grade officers. you have authority and power on this post. you called as a captain at the starting of joining. then your rank will increase sure to performance and experience.

5 Day Schedule in ISSB?

It's for those who are appearing in the test and pass the physical test and also pass the Medical. and also give an initial interview.

When you pass out an initial interview then they give you a form to fill and submit. when they will call for ISSB 1 or two months later.

They call you for ISSB you have to go to a destination for 4 days to attempt different tasks and interviews. and assessment.

5-day schedule: 

Day 1 arrival :

Allotment of chest Number, Biodata form filling procedure

Day 2
Psychology test, G2O first day
Day 3:

G2O 2nd day, Psychology interview 

Day 4
Deputy Interview.

day 5

Some Candidates are called for Re-interview.
if you complete all of these tests then the last day is your result day, which means they give a selection latte for those two are selected but they don't expose the result. and says other candidates we will give you later through TCS.

What is the condition of the Medical Test?

There are several conditions of medical, Medical is the most significant point they are focus on it very strictly. Some things are really important which I have mentioned below.
1-Physical Fitness
4-Chest size 
These elements are so important during the medical test if they find any sort of lacking point in you then will disqualify you from there if you have a bit issue on then they here have the possibility to take medical again. Medical is also a term it decides you are fit or not. if you are fit then they will select you for further procedure.

IN the inter-service selection board they focus on every point technically and confidently, The GTO has well experienced and very tough, they will you a different kind of task to do.