What Does ISI Stand For?

Stands for Inter-Service Intelligence.

What is ISI?

 this Is one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in Pakistan. some other areas below.
  • FIA 
  • CID 
and so my agencies who work for Pakistan. but ISI agency is the famous and number one agency of all over the world.it is the famous agency is Interservice intelligence. the world considers it as an icon of Pakistan.

with the LOGO of markhor Holding the snake in the mouth.in 2011 it considers as the best agency in the world. and also the world calls it a professional organization.

The aim of inter-service intelligence is to gather information and its basic function is to select the intelligent people for Pakistan. the agency to report the director-general of Pakistan.

the candidate who is hiring for this agency.it can be Pakistan ARMY, Pakistan Air Forces well.

Pakistani Prime Minister selects one DG ISI for Pakistan who is the head of the agency. DG ISI only reports to the prime minister and army general of Pakistan. 

The ISI founder belongs to India and he came to Pakistan and found ISI here Pakistan the name of the founder of ISI is Maj-Gen Robert  CAWTHOME was the longest-serving Chief.

ISI-Inter -Service Intelligence

who Can Join?

Both Civilians and Army both can apply for this.

Structure of ISI?  

the Structure of ISI is divide into three categories
  • Internal Wing
  • External wing
  • Foreign relation

Internal Wing:

 The main objective of the internal wing is to select the intelligence within the country. they look after the country like internal issues of the counter and also look forwards to the terrorism of the country as well.

External Wing:

the other is External intelligence the responsibilities are to look after the outer country intelligence, Counterintelligence as well. 

Foreign Relation:

Foreign relations means that Debulamatic intelligence is involved means foreign country issues are involved they look after it.

they all are very trained officers who work very hard. for 3 years the organization gave them an assignment. If someone gave a better performance of them then they increase their level accordingly.

ISI ADmission test procedure?

Admission Has started on 14 February of every year. if you really want to apply just open google and search the website, WWW.ISI.admission.pk it will help you to apply. and through this, you can apply for this.