What is IBA Stands for?

IBA Stands for Institute Of Business Administration

What is the IBA introduction? institute of Business Administration is the Top business school in Pakistan.is an independent university in Karachi founded in 1955 is the oldest business school outside America. it's a first four-year undergraduate degree, it's a world-famous school of finance as well.

Today IBS is one of the highest-ranked and the top university of Pakistan specifically called business schools there are more campuses all over Pakistan the main hub is in Karachi. and more than 7000 students are studied

IBA-IBA Stands for Institute Of Business Administration
Accounting and finance
Social science
Bs economics
BS in Economics and mathematics
BS computer sciences

But only those students can apply for those two programs which belong to Pre-engineering or A level students also can join these two programs. because their backgrounds and base are related to mathematics

What's the IBA offer?

IBA offers six undergraduate programs now a day but they also offer five more program areas mentioned below.

in these degrees is for every discipline students like a commerce student can apply for this, the pre-medical and pre-engineering students can also join this. Afterward, IBA offers two more programs.

Criteria of IBA?

So let's talk about the criteria of the program.
there are different criteria for eligibility in the BBA program and BS.
If a person wants to get admission in BBA intermediate is most important for that, but the eligibility criteria are must have a minimum of 65% marks in intermediate to appear for the test.

and an A level student he should have a minimum of 2b and 1 in three-course to appear included Urdu if he has done Urdu course in these three it's also acceptable.

so the overall we take about the eligibility criteria is very intermediate students should have a minimum of 60% marks. if you fall on the criteria you can easily apply for the test. it should be your aggregate marks including HSC1 and 2. if you have 60 % you may have applied for these five programs.

What is the IBA fee structure?

As we know that IBA is a very top-ranked institute for business and also has a very expensive institute. the only one time charges of this institute are 22500 it's for admission and transcript for all the program.

But here I discussed the semester charges of the program it's so expensive The semester charges of the semester are a maximum of 1285000 for the first semester. But this is just a semester fee no included the other things like transcript fess examination free and other expenditures as well.

But there have scholarship facilities for the student. Or she can apply for the scholarship if you fall in the criteria you have to apply for the scholarship. you have to prepare for the test if you pass the test you can get the scholarship as well.

Students who want to get admission to IBA he or she must prepare for the test properly the test is so hard to attempt, but it's up to you if you want to appear you can make it easy on your own.

 Scope of IBA?

If we talk about after completing the IBS, I surely say that you get a wonderful job and a bright career in the market. you become a god individual with innovative ideas and with relevant skills as well. After completing this the international companies will offer the jobs. 

Because the IBA student has the competence to do everything properly because they have the talent and knowledge to do well. they can be an asset to any organization.

if you know the utilize of your skills then you achieve every objective and the company will promote your position and you will enjoy the environment and love to do work better more than previously.