What does HSc Stand For?

HEC Stands for the Higher service Commission.

What is the HEC?

Stands for Higher service Commission, before this it called UDC its means university Grand commission till 2012.

What is the role of HEC?

The main role is to take resources from the ministry and disburse them in universities it makes for the betterment of the education of Pakistan.and it becomes a base of recommendation and documentation as well. 

It has a multi-dimension function as well.
Its a regulatory body and also a funding agency.

there has a focal point from Pakistan to interact with the globe with the purpose of education. for an instant to reach our degree value to the other country of the world through this organization and also other degrees of other countries to connect with our degrees. And to equate with Pakistan systems.
HEC-higher education commission

What is HEC Test?

this is the first testing governmental organization which is established by the higher education commission which manages test for universities for higher education as its a part of government organization which organization for the students of Pakistan to get admission through this. And it's free of cost test, but in FPSc they take charges when you applying for any job.

In the seconds meaning this is a test of undergraduate students for different universities of Pakistan.
HEC just takes an entry test but the university will decide to consider it because every university has its own talent.

What Is HEC & Role of HEC?

The main aim of the Higher Education Commission is to provide batter quality education and manage the opportunities for the student and the people of our country. Basically this a platform it has the power and authority to engage with every educational department of all over the world.

Every educational department follows the SOP and rules of the higher education commission and works accordingly.

The HEC has responsibilities to build the educational department and work for it properly. they give the advice to the heard of the department /top-level management to fill the rules and make changes. whatever HEC wants to modification it can do.

The most significant role of the Higher education Commission is to make an educational department batter and make able to perfect in Pakistan and everywhere.

This test for following universities' areas under below.
  • (KIU) Karakoram International University.
  • (NED University Of Education technology.
  •  University of Sindh, Jamshoro.
There are do many universities over there you can apply for appearing in tests to get an education through HEC. Some of each are here.